Loft in Monza a nest for two

private, Monza


renovation and interior design

The theme was to create private areas without taking away the airiness of the open space. The client’s request was an easy place to live: entertaining, but at the same time, comfortable for a young and informal couple who likes to invite friends over for dinner and cook for them chatting and sipping a glass of wine.

It was decided to divide the large room, punctuated by 3 very large windows, in the two areas, day and night, without using masonry.

A skilled carpenter’s work has created an articulated backdrop that serves, on one side, as a wall cabinet and on the opposite one, as a bookcase. Between the two functions, an interspace where two large sliding doors take place, ensuring, when needed, privacy to the bed area. Twins Kilim create a common thread throughout the day space. An English leather armchair and a ‘800 drawer warm the environment. On the walls, posters of artists’ expositions purchased in New York by the clients. In the bathroom, a large stone support shelf dominates the space. Where a small precious oil painting, almost hidden, underlines the owners’ sense of understatement.

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