About us

Design, communication
and home scouting studio

We are a Studio that works on three fronts: communication, home scouting and design. We can follow you in communicating your company or in finding, renovating and furnishing your dream home. We have extensive experience in both fields, gained through years of work and passion. We operate mainly in Milan, in the South East of Sicily, and occasionally in Luxembourg.

Lucia Rappazzo, the founder, was previously the director of a women’s magazines. Her experience has resulted in a deep sense of beauty, an attention to detail and the awareness that every single person, every single company, every single house, is the complex result of a long and unique journey. Her extensive work experience abroad, and the fact that she has, for many years, lived in in two very different places culturally, namely, Milan and Ispica, allows her to approach things free from any cultural constraints. She creates, with her team and her network, innovative solutions, always aimed at expressing beauty, harmony and care. A native Italian speaker, she communicates in English as well and is happy to share, in both languages, her enthusiasm for the subjects and places she loves.

The network
The studio makes use of selected collaborators to better respond to different needs. A wide network able to follow and coordinate every single aspect of a project and to guarantee its success.

our values

Each project is designed to express elegance, harmony and timeless style

We are convinced that our work must make the client achieve its objectives

Correctness and total transparency are the basis of our doing

We realize what we promise. Within the established times, in the established ways, with the established costs

For us it is a natural choice, even more than a moral obligation. We guarantee it unconditionally.

Lr Studio

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