Casa alle Palme a veranda with the house around it

private, Italy


interior and outdoor design

Magnificent sandy beaches within walking distance, a small plot with an existing ruin. The perfect start for the creation of a second house by the sea that would become a place to host friends for a swim in the pool and a barbecue on the veranda.

The veranda: the central idea. It should have become the place around which to rotate the lives of the owners and their guests in the long, sunny months of summer.

While, in winter, the living room should have allowed to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and conviviality, without foreclosing the look towards the garden and the pool.

The color point: variations on the tones of fuchsia, has been agreed with the landlady.

For the furnishings, it was decided to make the service areas disappear inside the walls. While the living area is the result of small pieces of shabby flavor combined with old Sicilian objects.

Few Oriental antique furniture close the circle of an eclecticism that aims to build an easy, informal but non-banal atmosphere

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