Vigne in Val di Noto

Vigne in Val di Noto


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The company, a small agricultural reality of the South East, was born from the meeting of 5 friends who decided to make and sell a wine and an oil of excellence, ambassadors of the cultural wealth of a territory, the Val di Noto, declared Unesco heritage of ‘Humanity.

The strong inclination of members, now professional now personal, to all that is beautiful and good, meant that the image should be of strong impact but of impeccable formal cleanliness.

The choice of the graphic sign that determined the style and the name of the bottle of wine has a history: two of the partners, architects specialized in the recovery and restoration of ancient buildings, had come across, in the cataloging some ancient stones, in a rudimentally sculpted date: 1693, the year of the earthquake that devastated the Val di Noto, but which also determined its rebirth in a strictly, unitarily, baroque style.

From there, the choice to work on that sign and make it the backbone of the label and of all communication.

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