Scirocco Sicily


from 2015

Image, communication and packaging

SciroccoSicily is a young company, made up of young people with clear ideas: to offer to a heterogeneous public, a sensory experience combining the taste of the great culinary tradition of the Val di Noto to the beauty of the cultural heritage of Sicily, with particular reference to the decorative arts.
The result was a communication centered on two trends: the Sicilian historical carts and the Caltagirone ceramics, specifically the tiles that make up the famous staircase.

The labels of the glass jars, thus, show the decorations of some steps of Caltagirone staircase, with the indication, on the side, of the number of the riser. While the wrapper of Modica chocolate depicts parts of ancient carts kept in the island’s museums.

A leit motiv present at all levels: from the site to the company leaflets, from the posters to the design of the exhibition stands and temporary shops of the company. Because, the members of Scirocco think, Sicily is culture and beauty, and we must never forget it.

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