Loft in Milan nomadic eclecticism

Private, Milan



It was about transforming a space originally used as a bakery, with an underground area where the coal was stored, in a historic area of Milan. The goal was to make it a study-dwelling. A place for work and relaxation. Where the landlady could surround herself with memories of her existential paths, but also to receive friends and work in the right quiet. The high ceilings, the presence of a small garden (so rare in Milan) made the project easy. The space thus took shape divided into zones: a loft area, a full height, an external area, one on the cellar floor, in the former charcoal.

Large windows overlooking the street or the small garden have underlined the metropolitan soul of the project. While the original exposed wood beams have been preserved to emphasize the period and the nature of the building: a railing house of the beginning of ‘900. The design favored the empty spaces, the transparencies, the subtraction. Accompanying the predilection of the landlady for oriental art and books. The spaces have been left fluid, open, to allow an informal and easy lifestyle.

A single large space, with an already originally articulated form, has become a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a studio, full of empty spaces that leave the sense of lightness and airiness that was desired by the client. The sleeping area, vice versa, enjoys a great privacy, obtained through the ringing of different private and obligatory spaces to be crossed to get to the bedroom: dressing room, anti-bathroom. The light bar on the kitchen counter has been designed by LRStudio, such as the large square glass table, the 3.5 m long transparent desk, the console and the glass bookcases.

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