Le Zammarre as the deck of a ship



interior design

The client wanted a house that did not interfere in any way between him and the sea, between him and the garden. A house that allowed him to dialogue with nature in every season, to live it face to face without giving up the comforts of a contemporary home.

The solution, which he himself identified, was an all-glass house, with wooden supporting elements. Of glass also the inside dividing walls, which during the day, let the eye pass from one side to the other, towards the sea, towards the garden, towards the horizon that looks at Africa. In the night, blackout curtains ensure privacy.

For the forniture an eclectic style was chosen, that would respond to the client’s way of being and to his passions: old family pieces, oriental antiques, marine antiques, outdoor teak.

A colonial flavor that echoes comfort of other times. Lamps by Fontana Arte. A small furniture bar comes from the transatlantic Italia, as the underplates and silver cutlery. The warmth of wood is enlivened by a touch of color that changes with the seasons: turquoise and green in summer, dark red in winter.

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