Casa delle Sirene: a shelter on the beach

Private, Milan


rebuilding, interior and outdoor design

The client had fallen in love with a small house with a small land on the sea, in the South East of Sicily. Reduced living spaces, but a wonderful view.
It was therefore to enhance the outdoors to allow a great livability without sacrificing privacy. While the interior, though small, should have been functional to the stay of two couples.

So it was decided to unify in a single space kitchen, dining and living room and to emphasize the intimacy of the environment with the construction of a fireplace, the focal point of the house.

The small size of the twin bedrooms has been visually extended by the creation of large sliding doors that, open during the day, have created a continuity that expands the space.

To highlight a magnificent 400-year-old olive tree on the back, a correspondence has been created between the two entrance doors – front and back – which produces a telescope effect.

Outside it has been worked with the stone of Comiso, the reeds and the wood, to create different lounging areas to satisfy the client’s request to live, in the warm season, outdoors all the moments of the day.

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